The overall objective of the project is promoting people's awareness of social entrepreneurship through international exchange of good practices and success stories ; development of creativity and mind flexibility in the field of entrepreneurship in order to promote well- being in the rural regions where they live- using the the social, environmental and cultural resources which are in the region they live.  European Commission concludes that social enterprises combine societal goals with entrepreneurial spirit. These organizations focus on achieving wider social, environmental or community objectives. The European Commission aims to create a favorable financial, administrative and legal environment for these enterprises so that they can operate on an equal footing with other types of enterprises in the same sector. As social entrepreneurship is not widely developed around the greatest part of the Europe, our team would like to activate it.  The main problem which we want to solve implementing the project is the migration of people from rural districts to  urban ones, or abroad for looking for the job. It results in lower living standards and depopulation of rural areas.  Migration to urban areas leads to unemployment, poverty and alienation and, in some cases, to anti-social behaviors or exploitation.

The target groups are mostly two - young adults and seniors 55 +. Young adults are mostly those who move to urban areas because of better job possibilities. They do not see the possibilities to stay. The seniors 55+ are those who are risk group people. Especially those who are long-term unemployed ones. They do not see perspectives- they need to be motivated and also educated to think wider and more flexible in order to change the attitude towards life, to get the awareness that they can change their lives through taking up social entrepreneurship. That is why the project will involve the  international exchange of good practices about how to motivate and support people of target groups to try to run social business.

During our project team's work we have come to the conclusion that international exchange of good practices in the field of social entrepreneurship and knowledge of entrepreneurship has to be collected and made the e-course  "The first steps in social entrepreneurship " worked out and also approbated in the target group in every participating country. In order to help people to see and evaluate the the diversity and value of the resources of culture, social and physical environment they can use in their entrepreneurship, there will be research carried out "Rural treasures- discovering and improvement" . All the partner countries will work to benefit to the research and to  publish the key findings in the brochure.

We are 9 partner organizations from European countries covering quite a vast territory - from Gebze- Kocaeli in Turkey to Santa_Cruz de Tenerife in order to spread  the good practice examples widely-as much as possible and promote the development of rural districts of European countries. This project's results will benefit not just well-being to European countries, but will also benefit to the revival of national identities of different countries of Europe- because the nations will live in their countries. In the same way they will benefit the well-being of all Europe.