GLAFKA s.r.o. is a Czech based educational and consulting institution located in Prague focusing on knowledge and innovation transfer in a field of lifelong learning and further education; labour market and entrepreneurship; teaching and training methods and technologies.

GLAFKA has a strong focus on empowerment of disadvantaged groups, including 50+, disabled and socially excluded persons. One of our main aims is to increase employability of target groups through personal and vocational development, bridging the gaps between generations, genders and nations as well in environmentally friendly and sustainable development activities. Our main area of activities covers trainings, development of new methodologies and training modules, pilot and test.

GLAFKA’s team members have expertise in fields of education and pedagogy, ICT, economics, sociology and long-lasting experience with EU project implementation. In last 10 years they have participated in projects and activities referred to:
a) disadvantageous or handicapped groups;
b) entrepreneurship and career guidance;
c) languages for different target groups;
d) state-of-the-art teaching methods (i.e. storytelling);
e) citizen competencies and literacy (environment, finance literacy, multiculturalism and voluntary, e-services);
f) crowd funding
g) innovative ICT courses for seniors, cyber security and safety;
h) evaluation, assessment, studies, research, best practices, piloting and testing, dissemination strategy, curricula and methodology development.
i) key competences – knowledge, skills, attitudes

GLAFKA also has a network of contacts covering subjects from different areas such as training centers, schools, SME associations, NGOs, co-working and community centers, labor offices, municipalities, entrepreneur’s groups and others.