The European Centre for Socio-professional Integration ACTA (Abilities Career Training Attitude) promotes the educational activities, professional and social skills development of young people and adults in order to be able to adapt and to integrate effectively in a dynamic society. We are also committed to social integration and give equal opportunities to vocational skills learning for the most disadvantaged groups of people (those with special educational needs, social problems, and those with a high risk of social exclusion).

Our organization aims to contribute to the economic and civic growth of individuals, through lifelong education and to draw attention to the importance of supporting the integration of disadvantaged and ethnic groups. The people have benefited from career counseling, training for personal and professional development in accordance with th current requirements of the labor market. We wish to enhance people empowerment, entrepreneurship, creativity, social inclusion and the acceptance of cultural diversity through inter-cultural learning. We encourage people to develop their ideas and initiatives into concrete projects and we tend to develop their creativity and entrepreneurship skills.

Our prime and foremost aim is to empower our people in the most efficient and holistic methods.

ACTA Center adopts and implements various innovative initiatives in the field of formal and non-formal education, providing information, counseling, training both young people and professionals. Training, non-formal education and other relevant services are significant areas of the organization's activities.

ACTA Center’s staff consists of trainers and teachers in schools and university with significant experience in training and research projects as well as psychologists and social workers who can deliver and support counseling activity as required.