he Cultural Association “SmartLab Europe” was born recently in Pescara (Abruzzo region). The Association goals are the development of culture, art, lifelong learning and permanent education, well-being and health, communication and media, education for European citizenship. The Association aims to be a laboratory of ideas, study and research, development and dissemination in the fields of culture and different languages, a place to share and exchange experiences and good practices. It promotes relationships and cooperation with public administrations, schools, universities, publishing houses, libraries, bookshops, museums, cultural associations, territories and communities at local, national and European level. The association aims to the promotion of culture and cultural and artistic heritage, history, traditions; the promotion of education for European citizenship and the development of Europe's common cultural heritage; the promotion of lifelong learning and permanent education; the promotion of reading and writing in children, teenagers and adults; the promotion of the study of communication and media; the promotion of the culture of well-being and health; the promotion of knowledge and identity of the territory and local communities.