Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd, is a private English language school, accredited by the British Council, Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and are a UKVI licensed Tier 2 General and Tier 4 General of the points based system. Established in 1991, we are an accredited Cambridge English exam centre and a Trinity College London teacher training center. We offer a variety of language and vocational training courses.

We remain dynamic and forward thinking, and use the newest teaching materials, technology and interactive learning tools. Our teachers are highly skilled and enthusiastic and both our academic and administrative teams have years of experience in aiding students from all over the world with their visa requirements and employment opportunities. We have an extremely multicultural student community, a great learning environment and provide extracurricular activities to help all students engage in cultural immersion.

Our prime objective is to give all learners the best opportunity to improve their lives and aim to give them the necessary skills they need in both their personal and professional lives, to attain success. By helping them attain a good command of the skills they require, we are confident that our learners go on to lead successful and happy lives wherever they choose to live and work. We also value integrity and harmony between students, with their diversified cultures and nationalities in order to develop our own strong sense of community.

Eurospeak has consistently built and maintained a good international reputation with great teachers, affordable prices and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. At Eurospeak we genuinely care about our students’ welfare and pay great attention to their specific needs, whilst providing them with challenging and fulfilling courses, including General English, Bespoke Courses, Vocational Training, Teacher Training and Exam Preparation.

Our learner focused courses require and inspire active learning, while acting as a springboard for the future. We maintain varied and interesting methodologies in our classes, and strive to support learners in succeeding their goals, as we welcome them from all over the world. Number of staff members is approximately 20. Number of learners per annum is approximately 1000. Number of courses per annum is approximately 90.